Imagine soaring high above the Atlantic Ocean in a specially designed parachute while being towed behind a high tech speed boat.

Our custom built winchboats are “state of the art”, utilizing a hydraulic launch and recovery system. This provides for easy take-off and landings directly from the flight deck of the boat. Each ride is under control for an effortless ocean thrill ride. You don’t even have to get wet!

We have (2) brand new Ocean Pro 35 USCG certified 15 passenger parasail boats. These boats are designed specifically for parasailing. Whether you are all by yourself or a large group we are more than happy to take you to new heights.

Atlantic Parasail is New Jersey’s premiere parasail company. With over 200,000 flights since 1987, our skilled captains and crew are among the most experienced in the business.This will be our 25th year in business. Owner operator Captain Matt Traber has been flying since 1987, with 25 years experience. Captain Thomas Neligon has been flying since 1999, with 14 years experience.

We offer single, tandem (two people flying together) and triple harness rides. In New Jersey we fly 500′ of rope, which puts you approximately 300′-350′ high off the water. Each ride lasts about 8 minutes if you fly single, 12 minutes if you fly tandem. Ninety percent of our flights are usually tandem, so bring your flying buddy with you. The entire trip lasts about I 1/2 hours dock to dock, you will enjoy the boat ride and aquatic scenery while everyone takes their turn flying.